Just a Prank (April’s Ghoul runner up)

Horror Scribes

by Dean Moses

The video ends. I gently guide the cursor and click replay. The screen flickers back to life, dressing my otherwise dark room in a pale glow.

“Welcome, peeps!” An energetic man says into a handheld camera. “Lester the Jester here. I just reached two million subscribers, wow. As a thank you, I will be teaching you guys five awesome April Fool’s Day pranks to pull on friends and family.”

I listen to every word, imagining the expression on dad’s face when he discovers the prank tomorrow. The distance he created between us since mom’s death is about to close.

“All you need is fake blood, which you can pick up from any party store.” Jester holds up a plastic tube: Bloody Good Time. “I use this. It’s cheap.”

Mimicking the movement onscreen, I lift my tube of Bloody Good Time—I’m ready.

The scent of burned breakfast…

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